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Deceased Estates

Deceased estates Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitisation

One of the saddest things to find out is that one of your loved ones had passed away and the information of death was only found several days later as the death occurred while no one was present.

This usually is something that is brought to attention by a neighbour who had a suspicion or someone who tried contacting the deceased person with no luck. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, there is a need to break the lock of the dwelling to enter and retrieve the body. In many cases, several days or even weeks had passed until the death is discovered and is usually in cases of elderly people living home by themselves. By the time the situation is uncovered, the body would have decomposed and body fluids seeping into the beds, furniture or flooring. This also results in infestations by insects and attracting rodents to the premises which adds to the contamination and decomposition of the body. There are even instances of dead pets being found in the same premises of the deceased person.

Restoration of a deceased estate is managed in a structured procedure by the BioClean team by:

  • Absorbing and Picking up the larger quantities of contaminants. Often these become dry after an investigation has taken place, making the restoration and removal more difficult.
  • Cleaning and sterilisation of smaller areas of contamination mainly consisting of areas that may have splatter. There are several ways that may be used to remove the contamination, and they may include traditional cleaning, chemical or steam vapour cleaning methods
  • Disinfecting and sanitisation of cleaned areas by using hospital grade disinfectants to prevent any spread of germs or bacteria that may still be present on surfaces after the normal wiping and vacuuming is completed.

Why BioClean’s experienced professionals should assist you?
A full report of all activities undertaken by the BioClean IICRC Certified team will be provided to our clients after the conclusion of the agreed actions. This is then followed by a certificate of clearance so that the landlord or the family are able to re-enter the premises and use it or rent it out without any fear affecting their health. BioClean in partnership with Cleaning Edge uses the best-in-class equipment and resources to undertake these responsibilities ensuring a stress-free completion of the job entrusted to us.

With a meticulous approach to the cleaning methodology, we adopt specialised plans to suit each situation:

  • Odour elimination – Blood borne pathogen clean up requires some form of deodorising. We utilise enzyme odour control products, Ozone gas and other types of odour neutralising products to completely bring the area back to normal. Most decomposition odours can be defeated with our unique odour control process.
  • Carpet, mattresses, furnishings – Stain removal is conducted with utmost care to restore carpets, mattresses and furnishings. However, if the damage is not salvageable, we are also able to safely remove and dispose the mattresses or carpets affected.
  • Steam vapour or chemical cleaning method
  • Insects and pest removal – Depending on the trauma site being indoor or outdoor, there is the possibility of insects, pests or rodents entering the area which needs removal. Every restoration job we do is treated with a residual pesticide that controls flies, maggots, and other flying or crawling creatures.
  • Paint restoration – We often come across paint damage, and our team are equipped to do minor repairs with primers and paint restoration on affected walls or ceiling.
  • Sharps Removal – infected or blood-stainedobjects like knives, blades, needles and syringes needs careful management by identification for investigation, transportation in rigid storage containers and disposal as per local legislation of the state.

It is important that our clients call us early into the process as our team is able to swing into action as soon as the law enforcement authorities vacate the premises. This gives us time to do a property inspection and provide a detailed plan and quote for managing the cleaning and disinfecting process and timelines. We also recommend that you call the insurance company to understand what is covered in the insurance policy of the deceased person. This will help our clients in not paying out of pocket for any services that is paid for by the insurance company.

At BioClean, our goal will be to restore the premises to its previous condition as soon as possible. This enables our clients to resume using the premises or rent it out to new tenants with an assurance that the cleaning, sanitation and rehabilitation process has been managed professionally with a Certificate of Clearance provided at the end. With a team of professionals at BioClean to your support you 24/7 throughout every day of the year, feel free to contact us on 03 9369 8228 or email us at [email protected] for any questions on unattended death cleaning, deceased property cleaning, deceased estate cleaning, crime scene cleaning, trauma cleaning, Biohazard removal and cleaning, accident site cleanup, blood cleaning, etc. Check out more information here on other services we offer.