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Trauma Cleaning

Trauma Cleaning, Accident & Crime Scene Clean up

At BioClean, we are respectfully aware of the emotional and mental trauma that is caused by unexpected and unfortunate fatal incidents resulting in death of loved ones.

With a fast-responding professional IICRC Certified team available anytime of the day (24 X 7 X 365 days), BioClean combines our Biohazard experience with Cleaning Edge’s state of the art equipment and reach to manage any kind of situation with compassion and expertise. Whether working with businesses, grieving family members, law enforcement or first responder officers, we are clear with our communication and thorough in the job undertaken at usually odd times of the night.

Our Services associated with Trauma cleaning include:

  • Biological Cleaning of death scenes
  • Crime Scene Rehabilitation
  • Odour elimination
  • Prison Cell Cleaning: Blood and Faeces Disposal
  • Complete rehabilitation of any Incident requiring Biological or Forensic Cleaning
  • Faecal matter, urine and filth removal
  • Fire, water and smoke damage restoration
  • Biohazard identification (chemicals or sharps) and cleaning
  • Accidental death cleanup, sanitisation and removal of rubbish
  • Insects, pests and rodent elimination and disinfecting

Why BioClean’s experienced professionals should assist you?
A traumatic situation often requires multiple actions to be performed to secure the premises, protect the valuable items, prevent spread of fluids or infections, remediate and restore the premises to a clean condition. Family members are already overwhelmed by the time they have called for help and we acknowledge their
concerns in a very polite manner and engage with them with utmost compassion to communicate procedures, timelines, cost and requirements from the affected parties to ensure full transparency and immediate action. The trauma site usually gets splattered with blood or body fluids, sharp objects or weapons, broken furniture or other household objects and a host of other damaged items. With blood borne pathogens and fluids being dangerous carriers of several diseases like hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV), and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), we strongly advice untrained persons to not involve in any cleaning activities at a trauma site. In recent times, we are acutely aware of a possibility of COVID-19 (Corona virus) infection as well and our team
are always geared up in good quality PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) before entering a location. There is also a possibility of spillage, seepage or splatter of dangerous chemicals into the furniture, flooring or walls and our Bio-recovery team are well trained in managing the remediation and restoring the area to a safe zone before starting the cleaning activities required.

How does the BioClean team help?
Our team swings into action upon the completion of their tasks by the law enforcement officers at the premises. The law enforcement officers and medical team spend significant care and time to record the incident and review next steps to communicate with the affected business organisation or family. This time lag also results in drying of fluids or hazardous chemicals into carpets, walls or furniture which our team is aware of before making the rehabilitation plan. BioClean team are aware of the need to maintain discretion and privacy to our clients and we ensure that the area is cordoned off with no entry to anyone until the remediation process is completed. Having over 15 years of experience in managing multiple scenarios and
environments, our team approaches the work entrusted to us with clear methodical steps all the way up to appropriate transport and disposal of the rubbish into an authorised disposal plant.

There are a host of factors we take into consideration in our meticulous approach to the cleaning methodology adopted in each situation:

  • Steam vapour or chemical cleaning method
  • Odour eradication – Haemoglobin borne pathogen clean up requires some form of deodorising. We utilise enzyme odour control products, Ozone gas and other types of odour neutralising products to completely bring the area back to normal. Most decomposition odours can be defeated with our unique odour control process.
  • Insects and pest removal – Depending on the trauma site being indoor or outdoor, there is the possibility of insects, pests or rodents entering the area which needs removal. Every restoration job we do is treated with a residual pesticide that controls flies, maggots, and other flying or crawling creatures.
  • Paint restoration – We often encounter paint damage, and our team are also equipped to do minor repairs with primers and paint restoration on affected walls or ceiling.
  • Carpet and Mattresses – Stain removal is conducted with utmost care to restore carpets and mattresses. However, if the damage is unsalvageable, we are also able to safely remove and dispose
    the mattresses or carpets affected.
  • Sharps Removal – Blood stained or infected objects like knives, blades, needles and syringes needs careful management by identification for investigation, transportation in rigid storage containers and disposal as per local legislation of the state.

Contact Our Trauma Cleaners in Melbourne

With a goal to hand back the premises in an inhabitable and clean condition the BioClean IICRC Certified team engages in a structured biohazard remediation process which goes through phases of inspection, isolation, removal, cleaning, sanitisation, disinfecting and odour removal giving peace of mind to our clients to move back into the premises. Our containment and disposal procedures strictly comply with the Code of Practice for the Management of Clinical and related waste disposal. To guarantee our workmanship, at the completion of the rehabilitation process, clients will be issued with a Certificate of Clearance. For any further information required on Trauma Cleaning, Biohazard removal and cleaning, accident or blood
cleaning, crime scene cleaning etc. feel free to contact us on 03 9369 8228 or email us at [email protected]. We will ensure that you get all the information required quickly and enable your decision-making process to be easy and leave the stressful and time-consuming job of cleaning, disinfecting, sanitisation and odour elimination at the trauma site at the trusted hands of the BioClean team who are here to support you 24/7 throughout every day of the year.