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Forensic Cleaning

Forensic cleaning In Melbourne

Forensic cleaning occurs in conjunction with a homicide or crime scene investigation and requires immediate availability and access.

With over 15 years’ experience in this industry, the BioClean team have been exceptional in providing on time and professional service to the needs of our clients who range from family members, law enforcement departments, insurance companies, real estate agents etc. who require an organisation who are reliable and available in time of urgent need during an unforeseen situation. The situations vary from clandestine meth lab bust, assault, aggravated robbery, vehicular accidents, industrial accidents, leakage or spillage, arson investigation, home or shop invasions, car theft etc.

Why BioClean’s experienced professionals should assist you?
Regardless of the scenario, the situation requires urgent attention any time of the day or night and the team at BioClean are available 24 hours / 7 days / all around 365 days in the year to assist with the call. As this involves dealing with grieving family members, our IICRC Certified team are well experienced to manage the communication in a calm and compassionate manner giving confidence to our clients that the cleaning requirement is in safe hands. Be it in a business location, home environment or a vehicle, utmost care and safety precautions needs to be established and followed to ensure there is no biohazardous substances involved which can cause long term harm to untrained persons attempting to clean up. Sharps and chemicals are often not taken into consideration when family members or colleagues try to help the affected person or family. This is where the team at BioClean in collaboration with best-in-class equipment and cleaning technology by Cleaning Edge provide professional and rigorous cleaning plans and procedures to enable a quick and safe service of the premises.

Our Services associated with Trauma cleaning include:

  • Crime Scene Rehabilitation
  • Odour elimination
  • Biological Cleaning of death scenes
  • Prison Cell Cleaning: Blood and Faeces Disposal
  • Fire, water and smoke damage restoration
  • Insects, pests and rodent elimination and disinfecting
  • Complete rehabilitation of any Incident requiring Biological or Forensic Cleaning
  • Accidental death cleanup, sanitisation and removal of rubbish
  • Faecal matter, urine and filth removal
  • Biohazard identification (chemicals or sharps) and cleaning

Crime scenes are also a cluster of unexpected biohazards, radiation or blood borne pathogens that could lead to long term illness for people who get in contact without proper protective equipment. Apart from risk of exposure to infectious diseases, a trauma site often gets splattered with blood or body fluids, sharp objects or weapons, broken furniture or other household objects and a host of other damaged items. Based on an initial property assessment, the BioClean team will work on identifying objects that can be salvaged and ones that needs a safe disposal as per the Clinical and related waste disposal criteria by the state government. With good experience in bio-recovery, our trained team will also work on a plan to remove and decontaminate the area affected by biohazardous materials. This ensures that the site is cleaned, sterilised and deodorised for creating a habitable condition that will not affect the health of residents’ long term.From the get-go, our team will be dressed in the full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that includes full protective body suit, face masks and rubber gloves and booties (worn over shoes). Various procedures and intricate details are taken care of by our team like wearing a second layer of gloves, gloves taped to the wrists, boots taped to the ankle, particle filtration masks and even gas masks as needed.

Managing the cleanup of a trauma site or a crime scene requires certain specialised skills like:

  • Logical thinking and compassion – Understanding the situation and working with the affected clients in the most compassionate manner accommodating the fact that the environment is highly emotional and chaotic at that stage.
  • Clear observation and assessment – Picking up details of the location to create a clear assessment of the requirements of the job and providing that in writing enables all parties to be on the same page which helps in seamless execution of the tasks agreed upon.
  • Fitness and mental fortitude – Working on a crime scene is poles apart from working at an office cleaning job. The situation will need working under tremendous physical pressure that includes wearing full body PPEs and masks that makes air circulation and breathing restricted for long hours. The ability to also work in an unpleasant situation needs mental strength to carry on regardless of the visually depressing scenes around the area being cleaned.
  • On call availability – The BioClean team are trained to be ready at any time of the day or night to get called into a stressful environment to perform tasks under full PPE requirements regardless of the external weather conditions like icy cold winters, pouring rain or extremely hot temperatures.
  • Frequent training and upskilling– The team at BioClean undergo multiple training sessions throughout the year on topics like correct usage of PPE, safe disposal of Biohazardous waste, cleaning trauma sites and crime scenes, first aid, etc. This ensures that every team member is full trained to endure any situation they are asked to attend.

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The law enforcement team usually leaves the crime scene with residual remains post their investigation and it is the responsibility of the landlord or individual to ensure that the site is restored to its original condition. This could be dust left from fingerprint testing or debris left from a violent crime and requires the expertise of an experienced team to restore the premises to a clean, sanitized and odour free environment. This could also extend to the vehicles and external areas of the site. There is also a possibility of spillage, seepage or splatter of dangerous chemicals into the furniture, flooring or walls and our IICRC Certified bio-recovery team are well trained in managing the remediation and restoring the area to a safe zone before starting the cleaning activities required. Blood and chemicals left undetected under carpets or furniture are dangerous to health of the residents but also can cause structural damage to the floors, walls or ceiling where they remain and continue to erode surfaces and spread the damage.

If you feel like asking any questions about Crime scene cleaning, forensic cleaning, suicide site cleaning, trauma Cleaning, Biohazard removal and cleaning, accident site cleanup, blood cleaning, etc. feel free to contact us on 03 9369 8228 or email us at [email protected]. The BioClean team will ensure that you get all the information required quickly and enable your decision-making process to be easy and leave the stressful and time-consuming job of cleaning, disinfecting, sanitisation and odour elimination at the trauma site at the trusted hands of our dedicated team who are here to support you 24/7 throughout every day of the year.